Our FSP 3000 is a scalable optical transport solution designed to efficiently deal with this new environment, lowering its complexity and minimizing cost-per-bit and operational efforts.

Category: WDM

ADVA FSP3000C  DWDM Optical Transport Equipment

FSP 3000
Open, terascale optical transport for profitable growth
Today’s optical transport demands are constantly changing. High-bandwidth services and cloud-based
applications are booming and software-defined networking is evolving to the domain of transport
networks. Network operators and enterprises need a flexible and scalable solution that increases agility
and automation, while keeping cost and footprint at a minimum.
Our FSP 3000 is a scalable optical transport solution designed to efficiently deal with this new environment, lowering its
complexity and minimizing cost-per-bit and operational efforts. With an open and modular design, our FSP 3000 supports
a wide range of services and applications, from data center interconnect (DCI) to carrier-optimized infrastructure solutions.
Incorporating the latest innovation in photonic networking and our innovative ConnectGuard™ low-latency encryption
technology, FSP 3000 enables secure optical network solutions that can scale and accommodate tomorrow’s needs.
Moreover, with a high-density and energy-efficient design for smallest footprint and power consumption, our FSP 3000
meets the most stringent sustainability requirements.

Your benefits
Up to 600Gbit/s per wavelength and 38.4Tbit/s
duplex capacity per fiber pair with best-in-class
metrics; up to 3.6Tbit/s per 1RU chassis
From complete turnkey systems including all
equipment necessary for end-to-end transport
applications to disaggregated solutions
Pay-as-you-grow design
Modular and scalable architecture that ensures both
low initial cost and flexibility into the future
Fully open and programmable
Open line system (OLS) architecture and YANG
based APIs (OpenConfig) for network disaggregation
and easy integration into SDN-based environments
Dynamic and scalable optical layer
Multitude of ROADM options from metro-optimized
2-degree ROADM to multi-degree ROADM for flexgrid
optical layer

ConnectGuard™ encryption technology
Certified data encryption with 100% throughput for
any service on the transport layer
End-to-end network infrastructure
Scalable system architecture for cost-effective access,
metro and backbone optical network infrastructure
Optimized to meet requirements when upgrading
networks for ultra-high-speed service delivery
Built-in access for TrueTime
and OTDR (ALM)
DCI for cloud and business continuity applications
Terascale DCI solution supporting coherent and direct
detection based modulation formats
Open HW architecture and YANG-based software
(OpenConfig) modelling
Complete security suite including encryption to ensure
full data integrity
Wavelength technologies
y CWDM: 16 wavelengths/20 nm according to ITU-T G.694.2
y DWDM schemes
− 4, 8, 16, 40 channel, C-band, 100 GHz spaced
− 80-channel, C-band, 50 GHz spaced
− 96-channel, C-band, 50 GHz spaced
− 128-channel, C-band, 37.5 GHz spaced
− Flexgrid with down to 6.25 GHz granularity
y Hybrid CWDM/DWDM
y Point-to-point
y Point-to-multipoint
y Linear add/drop
y Multiplexed add/drop (drop and continue)
y Ring (+ feeder + dual homing)
y Hubbed-ring
y Meshed
Maximum distance
y Total optical transparent distance (without regeneration)
> 3500 km
y Maximum span budget: 50dB
y Ethernet: FE, GbE, 10GbE (LAN and WAN), 25GbE, 40GbE,
100GbE and 400GbE
y ESCON and Fibre Channel/FICON 1Gbit/s, 2Gbit/s,
4Gbit/s, 8Gbit/s, 10Gbit/s, 16Gbit/s and 32Gbit/s
y InfiniBand 5G and 10G
y STM-1, -4, -16, -64 / OC-3, -12, -48, -192
y OTU-1, -2, -3 and -4
y Uncompressed video (SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI)
y CPRI up to 10Gbit/s
Service protection
y Versatile protection
y Channel protection
y Path protection
y Channel card protection
y Client layer protection
Channel modules with fixed line format
y Transponders (from 1G to 100G)
y Muxponders (aggregating services in the range from
100M to 40G)
y Add/drop multiplexers (dynamic routing of sub-aggregate
traffic 100M to 40G services)
y OTN switch (for 10G services)
Channel modules with SW-defined line optics
y Transponders (from 100G to 400G)
y Muxponders (aggregating services in the range from 10G
to 400G)
y Add/drop multiplexers (dynamic routing of sub-aggregate
traffic 10G to 100G)
y OTN switch (for sub- aggregated services from 10G to
Optical Layer
y Fixed filter from 1 to 128 channels WDM
y Reconfigurable optical add/drop modules (ROADM)
from 1 to 32 degrees with multiple fixed, colorless,
directionless and contentionless add/drop structures
y Multiple amplifications solutions using Erbium fiber and/
or Raman amplifiers
y Automated optical layer with channel equalization and
span loss equalization
y Optical supervisory functions like optical channel
monitoring with full support of third-party wavelengths
y Tailored solutions for access, metro and regional/long
y Dedicated amplifier suite for direct detect and coherent
signals (like SmartAmp™ designed for PAM4 solutions
y 1RU, 2RU, 3RU, 4RU, 7RU, 9RU and 12RU shelf variants
y Power supply modules from 50 to 1200W (AC, DC, full
y Various controller modules (from compact to redundant
and high performance)
y Multiple management interfaces (USB, RJ45, digital IO
Equipment management
y Embedded CRAFT/CLI
y Embedded Web based graphical user interface with
“point and click” provisioning via HTTPS
y Full support of SNMP, TL1, REST, NETCONF (OpenConfig)
y Streaming telemetry (grpc)
y Full support of FTP, SFTP, SCP, SSH, TELNET
y Remote authentication via RADIUS or TACACS+
y Equipment management using DCN or in-band
management tunnels
y Enhanced user management with multiple security
y Zero touch provisioning methods using automated set
up, scripting environment like Ansible and network wide
profile management
y Use of augmented reality and equipment identification
for guided installation and fault identification